Amy Nicholas: Traveling Europe with PAWS

Meet Amy Nicholas, an Attorney Advisor at the National Council on Disability, a federal agency dedicated to advising the President, Congress, and other government bodies on matters affecting people with disabilities.
Amy´s PAWS story was among our favourites last year.


Amy was born with a progressive neuromuscular disease that impacts her leg and hand movements.

Amy loves traveling, but her power wheelchair's weight posed a challenge. Searching for alternatives on the internet, she discovered PAWS.

Finally, Amy embarked on a long journey from Virginia, USA, all the way to Toronto, Canada, to acquire the PAWS power add-on. "I considered other options, but the PAWS tetra handles worked perfectly for me. Now, with the automatic clamps and tetra handles, I absolutely love it," Amy says. “Adi from Rehasense Canada was incredibly patient, explaining everything,” she adds.

Armed with her new PAWS, Amy planned a round-trip adventure to Europe during Easter. The plan was to fly into Berlin and traveling by Eurail to Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna and Prague - and back to Berlin. However, Amy couldn't shake off the worries about potential issues while traveling abroad. Fortunately, the support of our vendor Adi and the European Rehasense team brought her peace of mind, knowing she would have help if needed.

Amy's worst fears materialized when the airline company damaged her beloved PAWS during the journey. Heartbroken, Amy reached out to Søren from Denmark for assistance. By a stroke of luck, Søren connected her with our product specialist Marco from Southern Germany, who happened to be nearby and had the necessary spare part in his repair workshop.

Amy's indomitable spirit shone through amidst the setback. Equipped with a set of tools, Amy replaced the broken support leg herself, turning the situation around. Later that evening, she joyfully shared the news that her PAWS was back in action, all thanks to Marco's quick help.

We are happy that PAWS played such a special role in Amy's journey, empowering her to break barriers and explore Europe with her family. Despite the initial disappointments with the airline and German railway mobility service, the trip was a success.

Amy, you're truly remarkable, and we're honoured to have been a part of your inspiring story! Here's to many more exciting adventures with PAWS!